The only PLO tournament course for poker players that want to make more money


Created by a long time winner in the mid-high stakes PLO cash games on Pokerstars, this is the complete, step by step PLO MTT course that will teach you everything you need to win big and dominate PLO tournaments and other short stack play.


What you get inside the course

PF Hand Charts For All Positions

Pre-flop is where it all starts, and also where it all ends for a lot of players because of big mistakes that are made that they can't recover from. With my unique hand charts, you'll know exactly which hands to open from every position, 3-bet, cold call, and defend in the blinds.

Street by Street Video Modules

After coaching dozens of students, I realized that the best way to learn and improve is when the concepts and theories are presented and explained street by street. Everything is broken down in different modules, starting with pre-flop, all the way to the river.

Detailed Hand Examples

Explaining a concept in-depth isn't enough. To go with the theory side of the presentations, you'll get detailed breakdowns of different hands to help you truly understand the theory, so you know exactly when to use it and how to apply it.

Complete MTT Review

I go over every single hand played from a $320 MTT on Pokerstars so you can see how to apply everything that you'll learn in the course. My stack size changes throughout the 382 hands so you'll see how to adjust your play style at different effective stack sizes - an essential skill to playing MTTs and cash games.

Presenting MTT Foundations and MTT Mastery

PLO MTT Foundations


40bb PF Hand Charts

Core PLO MTT Concepts video

90 minutes of street by street video modules

4 hour Pokerstars $320 PLO MTT full review

Detailed hand examples for every concept

ICM considerations for PLO

2 table PLO MTT live video review


PLO MTT Mastery


40bb PF Hand Charts

Core PLO MTT Concepts video

3 hours of street by street video modules

4 hour Pokerstars $320 PLO MTT full review

Detailed hand examples for every concept

ICM considerations for PLO

2 table PLO MTT live video review


Quality content you can trust

I've been a PLO professional since 2009, always playing mid to high stakes. On the left you can see my tracked results since the start of 2015, which includes action in some of the toughest games online, all the way up to $100/$200.

As the quantity of PLO MTTs has increased dramatically over the last 2 years, I've started playing them more and more - with very good results.

Then about 18 months ago I began coaching current small-mid stakes PLO players and some successful NL players and seen them rise up through the ranks quickly.

After coaching dozens of students, I've figured out how poker players learn best. And I create all my material in a way that is engaging and that will best help you learn and improve your PLO game.

See what some of my students had to say about their experience with my coaching down below.

"Having played poker professionally for over ten years I decided 2016 was a year where I either needed to start taking things seriously again or try something new. I got in touch with Sean for coaching and it's turned out to be a great decision - he instantly re-ignited my enthusiasm and love for the game and got me thinking about poker again. He's considerably improved my winrate by pointing out leaks, discussing theory and how to exploit certain player types but more importantly he's got me excited to play poker again and have the confidence to battle in today's tough games."

Gregor F.
Mid-stakes Pokerstars PLO pro

"I have been working with Sean for a few months now. He has a really good understanding of PLO and does well to communicate it to his student. His initial database review is extremely valuable on its own. Once he discovered my leaks, each class has been designed to improve those areas/game. He has a strong understanding of HEM2 and PPT, which has helped me study more efficiently outside of his coaching. He is also available if you want advice on hands you have played recently. I highly recommend him if you want to take your PLO to a new level."

Kevin P.
Mid-stakes PLO pro

"As someone who has experienced Sean's coaching first hand, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is great at both finding leaks and helping to plug them fast, and I've personally experienced a marked improvement in my game since receiving coaching from him. He really has a knack for teaching complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and honestly, anyone purchasing a 10 class pack is getting an absolute steal."

Jamie H.
Mid-stakes PLO pro

How this course is different

This is the ONLY step by step course that will teach you how to profitably play PLO MTTs and be an absolute killer in all shallow stack PLO situations.

...even if you've never played a hand of PLO in your life.

...even if you've played PLO for a while but can't seem to turn a profit.

...and even if you're winning at small stakes PLO but always struggle when you move up.

Everything will be broken down for you street by street, in easy to study chapters full of presentations explaining different PLO theories and concepts. Then I show you how to apply those skills using real hand examples from tournaments I played. And then to help you see how all of the theory, concepts, and adjustments are made in game situations, there's a FULL tournament review at the very end to put everything together. You'll see how I apply the decision making to each and every hand (including my preflop folds), point out some mistakes made along the way and what I'd do differently, and talk about adjustments to our strategy as the effective stack sizes change throughout the tournament.

There's never been a detailed and thorough PLO MTT course created, until now.

See exactly what you'll learn in the course

Fundamental PLO MTT Concepts & Theories

  • The value of survivability in PLO MTTs

  • Adjustments to make coming from NL MTTs and PLO cash games

  • Identifying ways to add chips with minimal risks

Pre-Flop Foundations

  • 40b pre-flop hand chart. PLO MTTs play deeper than NL and you will often be around this stack depth in MTTs and also if you buy in short in cash games. Has opening ranges from every position, 3-bet ranges from CO, BTN, SB, and BB against earlier position opens, and what to cold-call and defend in the blinds

  • Good vs. bad cold calling hands

  • The problem with calling raises with "pretty good" hands

  • Identifying hands and situations where you're more likely to realize your equity postflop

Examining Flop Scenarios

  • Taking advantage of opening ranges on different flop textures

  • Constructing a balanced c-bet range

  • Characteristics of good hands to check back the flop as the pre-flop raiser

Turn Dynamics

  • Picking the right spots to follow up your flop aggression

  • Identifying and adjusting play to different player types

  • When you should delay c-bet

  • What hands to check back and when

River Decision Making

  • Assigning ranges and frequencies so we can bluff catch profitably

  • Identifying situations where an opponent will be betting wider

  • Bluffing with made hands

MTT Video Review

  • 7 part series where I go over all 382 hands played in a recent $320 6max PLO MTT on Pokerstars
  • Almost 4 hours of video review

So...what's the difference in the MTT Mastery version?

In addition to all the modules that are in PLO MTT Foundations, you'll also get access to the more advanced pre-flop and postflop modules. These include a lot of concepts that you don't hear talked about almost anywhere. At least not publicly.

You'll learn about:

  • 3 and 4-betting without AA, and how to adjust your 3-bet ranges to different stack sizes

  • How flop stack to pot ratios affect your 3-bet range

  • The value of information and not splitting up your range

  • Hands and flop textures to check out of position as the pre-flop raiser

  • Playing well postflop out of the blinds with marginal hands

  • How to play 3-bet pots and use different bet sizes

  • Playing when draws hit on the turn

  • Playing turns with the weaker parts of your flop continuing range

  • Identifying spots to widen your value betting range

  • Using hand reading to extract max value and not get counter-exploited

  • When to polarize your range (and sizing)

  • Following up on turn semi-bluffs when we miss

  • When to bluff river after checking the turn

  • When to keep the pot small pre-flop with very strong hands

  • Adjusting your play on the bubble

  • Finding the proper balance as the big stack bully

  • A second MTT play video review - this one is a 2 tabling session featuring deep runs in both tournaments.


That's an extra 90 minutes of advanced pre and postflop video modules, and almost 3 more hours of video reviews. If your goal is to play $100+ buyin online PLO MTTs or big live events like the WSOP, then PLO MTT Mastery is the right choice for you.

The 30 Day Mastery Money Back Guarantee

I want to make this as big of a no brainer as possible. Why? Because I know my content is damn good, and proven with dozens of successful students. Which is why I can offer a ridiculous money back guarantee.

Try this course out for 30 days. If at the end of those thirty days you don't think this course was worth your time or money, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll refund your money.

Choose the course that's best for you

PLO MTT Foundations


40bb PF Hand Charts

Core PLO MTT Concepts video

Pokerstars $320 PLO MTT full review

90 minutes of street by street video modules

Detailed hand examples for every concept

ICM considerations for PLO

2 table PLO MTT live video review


PLO MTT Mastery


40bb PF Hand Charts

Core PLO MTT Concepts video

Pokerstars $320 PLO MTT full review

3 hours of street by street video modules

Detailed hand examples for every concept

ICM considerations for PLO

2 table PLO MTT live video review


Common questions about the course

"How is this different than other PLO content that's out there?"

PLO MTT Foundations was created specifically for NL players that are experienced at poker but inexperienced playing PLO. It's designed to help you build a solid PLO foundation from the ground up, covering a lot of information that is brushed over or skipped completely in PLO content that's created primarily for PLO players. After the foundation is built, we'll add to it by going over some of the more advanced concepts and bring it all together by analyzing a complete high stakes online tournament. PLO MTT Mastery covers even more advanced concepts and is better suited for really ambitious tournament players who are set on learning PLO, and PLO cash game players looking to add to their skillset in the great game.


"Can't I find what I need on other training sites to learn to play PLO profitably?"

Definitely. There's plenty of good stuff out there. You could go and find some different video reviews where people play short stack PLO and find a few MTT video reviews (often created by NL MTT players...), and go browse a forum like 2+2 to check out some hand reviews. Or you can get all that content in one complete package and know it's only the highest quality stuff. If that's what you're looking for, then my course is perfect for you.


"I'm still not sure which of the courses are best for me. What do you recommend?"

If you're a small stakes tournament player (online or live), then I think PLO MTT Foundations is the better fit for you. In just a few hours, you'll learn everything you need to start playing profitably in the tournaments that you play. If you're already playing small to mid stakes PLO, or $100+ online tournaments AND serious about really improving your PLO game, then MTT Mastery will have everything you want. And if you're getting ready for big live PLO tournaments like the WSOP, then there's no doubt MTT Mastery will boost your future ROI significantly and is worth every dollar.


"What if I get PLO MTT Foundations and want to upgrade later to learn even more?"

I hope you do! And it obviously makes no sense to pay the full price for both when the content overlaps a little. So just send me an e-mail saying you want to upgrade, and I'll send you a unique coupon code for a $197 discount that you can use at checkout when you purchase MTT Mastery.


"I don't play on Pokerstars. Will I be able to play enough hands of PLO to get good at it?"

If you're an online MTT player and not playing on Pokerstars, you should really fix that. If you want to use this course primarily to play short stacked cash games online, it's usually not difficult to get 4+ good tables of small stakes cash games on any of the other major sites/networks.


"I'm currently beating small stakes PLO online right now. Can I learn something from this course?"

I mentioned that this course was primarily designed for NL players, but it was designed for good NL players with experience playing poker. So I don't waste any time going over basic poker concepts. If you just struggle a bit with preflop ranges and want to know how to adjust to the MTT format, then MTT Foundations would be a great fit for you. And if you struggle with some of the details in the course outline higher up on the page or want to learn more advanced postflop concepts and adjusting to shallower stacks, you will get a ton of value from the content that's in the PLO MTT Mastery course.


"I mostly play live poker. Will this course help me?"

Absolutely, and maybe even more than for online players. Live PLO is much juicier than online, and the skill gap between live PLO and NL is even bigger. So if you know what you're doing and playing live PLO tournaments, your ROIs should be even higher than if you were playing just online.


"I want to get the course but I'm going on vacation soon. How long do I have access to the course?"

When you buy any of my courses, it's yours for life. I know people are on different schedules and they sometimes need to go over things a few times to really understand a concept, so whenever you're ready, it's there for you. And if I update the course, you'll get access to that at no extra cost. Even if I raise the price 5x, you'll still have access to the content forever.